‘DOWN TO YOU’ AW 18/19 Womenswear Collection (2017)

The fashion collection ‘Down To You’, follows the upcoming AW18/19 WGSN forecasting trend of ‘The Thinker’. The collection has been inspired by influential, passionate women of the 1960s, as well as the silhouettes and styles of the decade. The rebellious intellectualism of the Beatnik subculture combined with preppy and retro styling creates the look of the collection. The paintings of visual artist and musician Joni Mitchell are one of the key motifs of the collection; these self-portraits in combination with the texture-focused and handcrafted print trends for AW18/19 have influenced the original paint stroke fabric print showcased in selected garments.

Garments/print design: Chloe Jai
Photography: Chloe Jai
HMUA: Chloe Jai
Model: Jess Davies
Set design: Chloe Jai
Art direction: Chloe Jai

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